SEO Web Design Vs Search Engine Optimisation


Many people are confused about the fundamental differences between Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and SEO Web Design. This article attempts to clarify the differences for people just entering or thinking of entering the web site arena.

SEO is the ongoing process of improving your websites volume and quality of traffic through what is called “organic” or “natural” search results ie. Google, MSN, Yahoo. SEO web design is the first step required for effective search engine optimisation, and involves the proper structuring and programming of your websites code through what are called on site optimisation techniques. SEO continues after this with what is called off site optimisation techniques.

Another way to look at it is SEO web design is like building a beautiful boat and setting it to sail on its own, it could do OK, but SEO is like giving your boat a Captain and crew to make sure it gets it to its destination.

Can you just do SEO Web Design? Absolutely! And for a lot of

SEO Web Designers

se2Too many people think that getting traffic to their website is done after the website is built. They fail to realize that on-site optimization for good search engine ranking is built into their website – not added on. When a website is built by a company that does not offer search friendly composition, the task for optimizing this website is often like re-designing the whole site. I know well about this, as half of my clients, usually with a new website, come to me for SEO (search engine optimization).

  • When you build a website, is it not intended to get visitors?
  • Do you want Google, Yahoo, and Bing to know you exist?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to be on the first page for search terms related to your website?
  • … and finally …
  • Do you want to pay twice to get this accomplished?

That’s what too many people are doing. They are uninformed. They select a web design company that does only that, with little or no regard for search engines. Then, once their site is fully developed, they seek out a company that can turn their content into SEO content. So why

On Page and Off Page SEO Web Hosting


Choosing SEO web hosting for your website is a great decision! You’ll get superior web hosting through some of the best uptimes and load times on the market; and you’ll also have a website that’s fully optimized to appear higher in the search engines. But when you start looking at different SEO website hosts, you’ll first notice that they offer two different types: on-page SEO hosting, and off-page SEO hosting. So what’s the difference between the two? To understand that, you first need to understand a bit about SEO info practices.

SEO practices are all the methods and strategies that online marketers and web developers use to get certain websites to rank higher in the search engines. This of course, brings more visitors to the site and ultimately more profits for that website, and its owner. But these practices can be divided up into two different categories: on-page SEO practices and off-page SEO practices. It’s these two different types that SEO site hosts are referring to within their different products. But

Why Choose a Good SEO Web Host

Time and time again, webmasters have asked the question as to whether a good SEO Web Host will be able to deliver for them the best of results that they seek. As conventional optimization and traditional SEO methods tend to be a waste of time and money, it has led to them finding out how they can get the best of SEO Hosting services to help them achieve the best of whatever they want. There are a host of services around, each of which can create and uphold a sense of creativity but to be honest, there is no other service other than what an SEO Web Host can provide so as to get tenfold results. If one was looking for a way via which they could get mediocre results, traditional SEO techniques would suffice. However, if one was to look forward towards finding out how they can get the best of results that could help them create high ranking blog farms and deep rooted link wheels, they would need to seek the services of a good SEO Web Host.

There are a plethora of SEO Web Host service providers around, each of

SEO Web Design

What exactly is SEO web design? Nowadays there is unlimited potential for a business to reach an enormous number of prospective customers online. However, to take advantage of the estimated 14 billion internet searches every month, you need to know the basics of how internet searches work. Read more to find out how to optimize your website to get better search engine results.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to the method of using certain words and phrases within your website to give it the best possible chance of ranking highly in search engine result lists. A large aspect of SEO is the written content on your website. If you are not able to produce the right content yourself, you should consider hiring the services of an SEO web design firm. Effective SEO should be viewed as part of a long term marketing strategy, rather than a quick fix. It can take up to 18 months to see the results you want from SEO, so you need to be prepared to put in the time and effort and have plenty of patience.

SEO is largely thought to be

Take SEO Web Design Services to Make Online Business

A good web design holds a lot of importance to make online business successful. Therefore, those companies engaged in online businesses are eager to seek help from professional website design companies. A professional and experienced website design company has relevant knowledge about the latest trends to leave an ever lasting impact on the visitors.

However, designing a website with good design is essential only to attract and engage the visitors but an online business can become successful only if it is visible among target market. In order to increase visibility, it is essential to design a site with SEO friendly website design.

Search-engine friendly design helps a website to gain good and higher rankings with specific keywords. The higher rankings help visitors to visit the site once and then attractive web design over the website engages them to become regular visitors. Therefore, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques are given importance while design a website for the business.

While you are designing a website, you must ensure that your website is both user and search-engine friendly. User-friendly web design can be achieved by taking help from websites designers

To Hire an SEO Web Design Company

Websites spread information concerning to products and solutions easily by providing round-the-clock accessibility to the potential clients. It also enables an end-user to purchase or avail the solutions even when the offices are closed. These free platforms automatically push your development and business growth to the top leaving your opponents behind.

The major requirement to stay in the progress flow can be accomplish by hiring an SEO company that develops outstanding SEO web design for the websites. This enables several unaware organizations hire web designers to woo the e-commerce community. However, unless the websites ranks on the top pages of search engines and potential customers are able to find the web pages using the competitive keywords, the best and wooing designs fails to collect the profits from the market.

To have an amazing website designed on great technological platform using most demanding programs never provide increase search engine rankings. Unless, a website is visible and rankings on the top websites on the Google, whole company aspects behind developing the website fails providing remarkable lose in the marketplace. Thus, hiring a top notch SEO web design company is always important for

How To Use SEO Book Information

SEO web design is essential for high search engine listings, and the right choice of SEO book can be use to achieve that. There are many SEO books on offer online, but most seem too much alike and appear to provide the same information. The best type of SEO book is one that provides graphic examples of how successful sites have become successful through effective SEO web design.

Search engine optimization is a subject about which very few have a true understanding. It starts with your website, and the way that you arrange your pages into the site as a whole. To most people, SEO is the use of keywords on your site, and I still read webpages and blog postings that promote as many keywords in a web page as possible. If it’s not the more the merrier, then it’s the 1% – 3% keyword density fallacy. Follow that and your site will disappear off the listings!

There is too much written online about SEO that too many people take as gospel. Let’s dispel a few myths and bring some reality into the whole subject of search engine optimization.

SEO Web Design

What do you mean by SEO Web Design asked a new client of mine?

I had just been reviewing her site and noticed that the company who had previously designed it and it has to said, had created a visually eye-catching website, had however made some basic errors in their haste to please her.

To start from the beginning she had contacted me after she had come across one of my articles. It’s funny how life works though because, that in itself would not have prompted her to get in touch, but a friend of hers who I had been doing some SEO work for had got in touch with her after about 6 years.

And of course they got to discussing life and work etc; and to cut a long story short her friend recommended that she get in touch with me.

Now her frustration was that she should have had every ingredient for success. Her site was in a relatively niche market, competition wasn’t that high and yet after paying out a sizeable chunk of money on getting her website professionally designed,

SEO Web Design Done the Right Way

Most people believe that all web sites are developed with SEO Web Design. Nothing can be further from the truth. The old saying is, “If you build it they will come”. Unfortunately this does not apply to the World Wide Web. A more practical saying is “What good is a web site if nobody can find it”. I try to tell people that any web site is fine, if you do a lot of adverting in print and other media, and you include the name of your web site so people can then go to it. What I also tell people, is that most web sites are designed to look and function well for the purpose that they were created for. That is, to have a web site presence on the Internet to direct customers or clients to. For some, that is enough. We believe there is much more to having a web site on the Internet.

SEO Web Design is what we believe is a better saying in today’s Internet world. Most web design is created to have very good visual appeal, so the visitor is captured by the website’s appearance. This

Top 5 Reasons For SEO Web Design

SEO web design is a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) with any technology in web designing. It is quite a revolutionary idea for webmasters who think that website design is an end in itself. Actually, this concept is far from making conventional web designing obsolete. In fact, it is just re-engineering any web design strategy to fit to a market-driven search engines (SE’s). Here are some points fundamentalist webmasters might consider to go for SEO:

1. SE’s as Mass Media.

In the US alone, 80% of the population are internet users. Other countries where internet is slowly penetrating the market also showed a growing trend in internet popularity. Majority of these internet users go to search engines to inquire for any topic. Having an SEO web design would not only make your site visible in search engine results pages (SERP’s), it could also give visitors the ease of navigating through pages of a particular site.

2. SE’s as Global Market Hubs

There is an apparent relationship between market shares of any product and corresponding ranking on any related keywords in search engines. In

Create Online Business Presence

At present, the demand for SEO web design service is increasing day-by-day as it plays a significant role in creating a successful web presence for online business. A perfect website meets the requirements and vision of the clients highlighting their products and services, and effectively drawing more and more customers.

Entertain, Inform and Bring Customers Back

Search engine optimization and web design services focus on creating informative and appealing websites with high-impact graphics and interactive solutions. Effective search engine optimization can successfully market your website, enabling it to gain a competitive edge, increase online visibility, increase sales revenue, make your business more efficient, and bring in more enquires. Moreover, it offers the highest levels of accessibility and usability.

Benefit from Dynamic Websites

Design and develop a successful website with excellent graphic design and other features. To create a professional image for your company in an eye-catching way, websites are developed with key features – user interface, Flash animation and more. A lot of graphical images, active databases, splash entrance pages, web forms, shopping cart, storefront, auction and product imaging are incorporated to make your

SEO Web Design, The Only Effective Way to Leverage Your Online Presence

There are a lot of web designers out there, and a lot of firms advertising the “best web design” available. We are of the school of thought that an effective web design is one that brings traffic to your website and revenue to your business. For that reason, you won’t see us recommending Flash, you won’t see us recommending HTML templates, and you won’t see us recommending a design without SEO.

For a web design to be effective, you must have SEO. A thumbnail explanation of SEO is that the site speaks to the search engines in their language. It is optimized for the search engines. Why is that so crucial? Because the number of pages on the Internet is increasing at an exponential rate, and the competition for page 1 in Google, Yahoo or Bing will grow in intensity. It will be more & more difficult to rank on page one. In the more competitive niches, it is already impossible to rank on page one without good SEO; that will become the case for every niche in the very near future.

Good SEO can mean many different things; in

Seven Benefits Of Having Good SEO Web Content

SEO web content is highly beneficial to your business if you understand its usage in the right manner. The first and the foremost benefit that this undertaking brings in is the increment in Google rankings. Let us examine a few other benefits that this kind of copywriting comes with.

a. Content represents the Company / Business: It is a known fact that most users use Search Engines for their business needs. Thus your website represents your company or business. A benefit of having good SEO Web Content presents a professional outlook about the business.

b. Good SEO web content starts with the right keywords and phrases; A good SEO copywriting job entails choosing the right keywords and phrases. It is important that the maximum number of keywords that should be used in a website is two to three. When a freelance copywriter uses too many keywords in the SEO web content, the business or website owner faces two problems. The first is that the effectiveness of the keywords gets reduced. The other problem being that your website may be de-listed or ignored because a search engine might not appreciate your

How to Choose an SEO Web Design

SEO has been a revelation in the virtual world. Its importance can neither be disregarded, nor denied. In fact, the popularity and fame in the Internet is in direct correlation with the search engine optimization techniques deployed in the website. So, for any company, the most important decision is to select the perfect SEO Web Design Company. But choosing from millions of such companies is not a simple task. This decision is going to affect the company’s revenue, brand value, and traffic inflow. This article will provide you with the basic tips that are going to help you find the elusive company that can provide you with the right SEO implementation and Internet marketing strategies.

In the first place, you need to understand the requirement of SEO for your business, and if there is a scope for SEO in your business, then you need to consider the amount of optimization required. Many firms and companies do not realize the fact that all and every website requires search engine optimization. When a website is under construction, SEO can be implemented easily as compared to already existing ones. But there has to be considerable changes

Use SEO Web Design Services for Your Business Website

A business website acts like a salesman for your company that is on duty round-the-clock. Even the customers prefer to refer the website before contacting you personally. So, it is necessary to have strong online presence for attracting higher customers worldwide. The need to have strong online presence has led to an increase in popularity of SEO (search engine optimization) services. The SEO techniques help to maximize online presence by appearing on top of search engine result pages with specific keywords.

While you have planned to put your business online, you must given attention to the designing of your site, web content as well as online marketing of the site. To make all this possible, you can take SEO and web design services from SEO website design company which can take care of designing of the website, its content as well as promotion of your company. Moreover, you will get an additional benefit of having SEO friendly web design to attract not only visitors but search engines too.

The SEO experts will use certain techniques in accordance with existing algorithms of search engines to enable the site for indexing on

Things to Look for in SEO Web Development

Two Aspects of SEO

There are two aspects of SEO, on-site and off-site. On-site SEO calls for how the website is made and how its structure can be portrayed. Off-site SEO deals with things that are not in control of the developer but has to do with aspects of how the website is placed on the web. Based on this on-site SEO is what needs to be focused by designers and developers for successful SEO web development.

Practicing Good with Tags and Codes

SEO web development requires taking advantage of the tools that are available for development. Everything from web page filters, HTML tags, CSS compliance and coding is important for SEO web development. These help in making the website unique and special. It is important that the coding that is used for website development is easily readable by the search engine. Good practices for SEO calls for using the clean code method of implementation that uses standard tags.

Making the Site Accessible

One of the biggest mistakes web designers make is making the website more complicated than it actually is.

Content Managed SEO Web Design

Over the years the search engines have gradually fine-tuned their algorithms. If you’re looking to get a website designed you need to ask yourself these 2 simple questions:

What is the purpose of the website?
How will people find the website?

If the purpose of your website is to attract customers and your primary means of doing so is through the search engines then you will search engine optimisation, equally or more than you need web design services. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an essential component of any website that wants to attract customers through the search engines.

Many specialist SEO companies have sprouted up in the past 5 years that now offer web design and vice versa for web design companies. Usually though, the SEO companies can barely design a website and the web design companies just think SEO is about making backlinks.

If you need a website that you want to be successful in the search engines you must be able to ask the right questions of your web design company or else go to a full service design agency that you

SEO Web Design Services

A strong web presence is important for any online business. SEO web design services help build a successful web presence for online businesses. The main purpose of SEO website design service is to optimize the site for maximum visibility and get your e-business out in the forefront on the Internet.

Professional Website Design Service Pack

SEO service providers offer e-commerce solutions for your business products and services. They design websites that are easy to use, attractive and memorable by providing appropriate and attractive design elements; specialized keyword choices; Meta-tag and Alt tag optimization; strategic linking; structure optimization and content optimization. In addition to these, SEO web design service package includes:

o E-commerce web development
o Search engine friendly website design
o Brochure style web design
o Online business consulting
o Easy to use shopping cart design
o Database driven websites
o Logo design
o Dynamic website development
o Website maintenance
o Macromedia Flash website design

Excellent Website Design – Offers Several Benefits

These services help both small and medium sized businesses to attract free targeted audience from the search engines by combining the marketing message with eye-catching web designs and layouts. An excellent

SEO Web Design Explodes Sales

SEO web design has come of age. It is a proven, powerful and cost-effective tool to take a company to the next level. Although there tend to be many ways for a person to design your own web site, having your website developed by an expert will provide you with plenty of advantages. It is rare indeed for a web professional to have expertise in all of the following areas, (but some do, really):

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)- brings in free, targeted traffic to your website – extremely critical to online success
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising – at a minimum should be used to test the keywords that convert the best. using both SEO and PPC limits a websites risk of no traffic.
  • Web design – an aesthetic website design provides the first impression to your potential new customers
  • Web development – allowing advanced website features like fast page load times and custom database applications
  • Direct marketing, content creation – successful sales lead generation depends on what the visitor sees when they hit the site

Doing all of this right can literally double or triple your relevant traffic in short time. You can live with doubling your sales can’t